About me
About me

I am a UI/UX designer based in Los Angeles who has a passion for traveling, exploring different cultures, and incorporating global technological advancements into my design work.

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View my projects
I have worked with my teammates and clients to create digital platforms and designs that capture the project's goal and real-application.
My Story
About me

Designer based in Los Angeles

Jooho's approach combines art and technology to create user experiences that resonate with the universal human condition. His interest is condensing complicated topics from several fields into elegant, user-centered solutions that engage and benefit. Whether redesigning goods or inventing new offers, Jooho pushes boundaries while maintaining simplicity, consistency, accessibility, and an openness to development through feedback.

His designs reflect a concept of enhancing lives via intentional technological integration, resulting in meaningful interactions. Jooho's work has a fundamental ethos: to combine form and function to create emotionally compelling experiences.
My timeline

Over 3 years as a creative designer

2021 - 2022


- Tassel is a nonprofit organization that provides support for children’s education.
- Spearhead the creation of design concepts for fundraising events, including marketing materials, promotional sweatshirts and posters.
2021 - 2022


- Solely responsible for the creation of web design standards for an online job search platform. Develop user-interface architecture and navigation to comply with accessibility and usability best practices.
- Develop logo design, custom graphic and effects using Adobe XD to achieve design goals.
2022 - 2024


- Provided event guidance, translation, and assistance in SK Group’s exhibition.
- Contributed to creative design with the concept of showcasing renewable energy by helping arrange event zones, program schedules and on site logistics.

iruda creative

- Iruda Creative is a design firm known for crafting distinctive visual branding and creating memorable experiences for its clientele
- Collaborate closely with senior designers to align advertisement edits with the company's vision and goals.
- Design and introduce a fresh CI logo for DaeSung Medicare, elevating the company's brand identity.
2020 - 2023

innovative design

- Innovative Design is USC's premiere creative agency club, a community of designers, photographers, and web developers utilizing their skills to support other student organizations and local businesses.
- Involved in Web Design team.